piet mondrian eu


1 - Geinrust Farm, Compositional Study, c. 1905-06

2 - Geinrust Farm in Watery Landscape, c. 1905-06


3 - Summer Night, 1907


4 - Fen near Saasveld, Large Version, 1907

5 - Oostzjidse Mill with Extended Yellow, Blue and Purple Sky, 1907


"I was struck by the vastness of nature and tried to express its extent, its calm, and its unity." (Mondrian)


Sometimes the search for synthesis manifests itself with an oval form enclosing the composition as a whole (1 and 2)


The synthesis that Mondrian seeks through form (the oval form) manifests itself in other canvases through light (3).



4 and 5: In the various landscapes painted by the faint glow of the moon, the contrast between details is softened and the painter can concentrate on the broad outlines.