piet mondrian eu




Preliminary Study for the Red Tree, 1908, Black Crayon
and Charcoal on Paper, cm. 31 x 44

Final Study for the Red Tree, 1908, Charcoal and Stumping
on Paper, cm. 32 x 49

The Red Tree, Evening, 1908-10, Oil on Canvas, cm. 70 x 99

Apple Tree, Pointillist Version, 1908-09, Oil on Board, cm. 56,8 x 75

Apple Tree in Blue, 1908-09, Tempera on Cardboard, cm. 75,5 x 99,5

Study of Trees, 1912, Black Crayon on Paper, cm. 68,1 x 89,1


The complexity of the branches is a metaphor of the infinite, multiform aspect of nature (elsewhere evoked by the horizontal extension of the landscapes and dunes), which he inwardly perceived as a unity (the trunk).


The figure of the tree represented a small universe for Mondrian, multiple (the branches) and unitary (the trunk) at the same time.